Kirstein Group

The Kirstein company offers development and production of electronic components in compliance with costumers´ specifications, which will run safely and reliably in the toughest environmental conditions.

We Offer Allround Solutions From A Single Source

As a niche specialised development partner we develop Hardware and/or Software according to the customers' request. We are also able to support you during the design phase and the perfomance specification.
At the same time we have the competences in the fields of mechanic and mechatronic, so that we have a holistic view of your scope of work in order to find solutions. Of course we are also able to produce your developed products at our company in series over a long period of time.

With our view "allround solutions from a single source" interfaces are reduced, sources of errors are eliminated and the time to get the customers' product to market will be shortened.

KTS Patentmanagement und Vorentwicklung GmbH

The company's ideas are protected from various national and international patents. They emphasize the comany's know-how and are used by reputable firms worldwide. The patens are administered and allocated by KTS Patentmanagement und Vorentwicklung GmbH.