KTS Technische Systeme

Our engineers and computer scientist design custom electronic and mechatronic control systems. We develop in compliance with the DIN ISO 9001, the V-model or the international safety standard IEC 61508.

Following you can see a selection of our projects:

  • Drive chain controllers for all kinds of military and civil vehicles
  • Highly dynamic diesel- and fuel motor managements
  • Controllers and cell monitory systems for fuel cells
  • CAN-bus controlled high-voltage central processing units (400 A) for vehicles
  • Hydraulic control systems for agricultural or building machines
  • High-temperature sensors for pressure, oil level, temperature or angular measurement
  • Redesign of existing systems to state-of-the-art technology (electronic/mechatronic/electrohydraulic)
  • Developing according to customers´ specifications only hardware, hardware plus software or support with drawing up a specification with design of hard- and software
  • Running of environmental tests (temperature/vibration/EMC)
  • Controllers for electric clutch management
  • Controllers designed to customer´s specifications
  • Controllers for high-dynamic actions
  • Controllers for hydrostatic drive units

Knowledge Of The Industry

  • Electronic system for vehicle gearbox
  • Alternative drives
  • Automotive
  • Train cars
  • Building machines
  • Agricultural engineering
  • High-voltage electronic system
  • Fuell cell technology
  • Weighing technology