About us | Kirstein Technische Systeme

Kirstein GmbH Technische Systeme was founded by Dipl. Ing. Gerhard Kirstein in 1992: during the first years, we focussed on design and production of electronic controllers and manufacture of special harnesses. In 1998, our company moved from Neusäß to Augsburg - investing on a site area of approx. 6.600 square metres in our own building with 1.700 square metres floor space. Only two years later, on our own site, an additional building (KTS Building II) was set up with 1.200 square metres floor space in order to keep up with increasing demands of our long-term and new customers. In consequence, a new basis was created with regard to further fields of activity.
The company´s philosophy developed to the effect that the system components we had since designed and produced, resulted in the design and production of complex mechatronic systems. For this purpose, investments were made in machines and testing devices.
The management decided to rearrange the company´s structure and founded the KTS Metall GmbH in 2002, which from thereon, took over the job of mechanical production. Moreover, the structure of the sales department changed gradually. In 2009, the result was the foundation of KTS Vertriebs GmbH. In 2015 the KTS Patentmanagement und Vorentwicklung GmbH was founded in order to administrate the company's various national and international patents.

KTS Main building

Administration and Development

In our premises KTS Main building, not only development and research are encouraged, we also do the production of prototypes, pre-production series as well as small-lot production. Series productions in larger quantities are made by selected manufacturers and domestic partners.

The commercial department (sales, order management, purchase, quality management and logistics) are also located here.

KTS Building II

Mechanics and test benches

In our premises KTS Building II, the machining (chip removal etc.), the production and testing of mechatronic subsystems as well as the assembly of gears are made. Besides, our company is capable to run gears on two diesel-gear test benches and two electronic test benches to make thorough examinations and acceptance tests. Our equipment is completed by a roller type test stand.