KTS Vertriebs GmbH

In order to create a more efficient communication with our customers as well as to open up strategic new markets, the KTS sales department was put on an independent basis. The connection with the parent company is still held - resulting only in positive changes for our present and future customers due to the additional new strategies of the KIRSTEIN Group.

KTS Services

  • Project management (from idea to series)
  • Systemic solutions
  • Test bench runs
  • Repair works
  • Cablings for gears
  • Software

KTS Products

The portfolio of the KTS Vertriebs GmbH includes not only the products of the KIRSTEIN Group; it is completed by long-term cooperation with well-known partners from various fields of technology, to the effect that the customer can get system solutions from one supplier.

KTS HyLight

The product HyLight impoves the safety at the site of operation and facilitates the setting of an underground hydrant - especially at night. The device has an optical 360° warning function with six orange LEDs, so that the standpipe is visible by other road user during a fire bregade operation. Below the product there are four more white LEDs installed in order to illuminate during a setting of an underground hydrant.
The device is very easy to be mounted and is suitable for almost every standpipes to retrofit.